Thank you for visiting Track My Shows.  This site is designed for you the TV enthusiast.  I love TV, and watch more then my share of it, and I currently follow more then 50 shows (My TiVo has more like 100 in its list to record).  I realized it is imposable to keep track of which shows I have watched and which I have missed.  I created this site to help me and others like me keep track of their shows.

To use the site is easy.  You need to register to create a user account (used to track your shows) this account allows you to also leave messages in our forums.  Once you have registered and logged in you can start keeping track of the shows you have watched.  Some shows you may have watched every episode and just want to mark them all completed.  You can easily do that.  Other shows you will want to mark one at a time as you watch them.  Using the Find Episode menu option you can find the show by its episode title, or you can search for the show by name and find the show by season.

Ok what do we do if the show I watch is not currently in the database?  Do not fear you can search using the show search option for almost any show that has ever existed and chose the add show to database option and we will automatically download that show and all of its episodes into our database for you.  We also have listed on the right of the page all shows that are scheduled with new episodes today and using the calendar you can find any show that has currently scheduled episodes so that you can keep up with your favorite show.

Recent Changes: I have recently added Recomended Shows bassed on other users follow prefrences that are simular to your own. In adding this feature I realised that it would be helpful to rate episodes watched and eventuly use that data to help recomend shows. To make that posible I have added a rating system as you watch shows you mark them watched by selecting from 1 to 5 star's for the episode that you are watching. the score on shows will help determin a overall ratting for the shows. Please note that if you mark every show a 5 or for that matter a 1 the rattings will not be helpfull. If you have any suggestions please email me at rhealey101 (at) gmail (dot) com any and all comments are appriciated.